More Ohio Carriers Investing in OIA RISE Performance Benchmarking Reports for their Agencies

Carriers make massive investments in managing risk with data. They have now taken an additional step of supporting their agency force by investing in data to support their agents.

Huge thank you to Central Insurance, Selective Insurance & Westfield Group for purchasing RISE reports for their OH agency partners! By purchasing RISE, they are helping their agencies better understand their business which will enable them to grow strategically and successfully compete in the modern marketplace.

As momentum builds and engagement from our agency partners and company partners increases, we continue to improve our customer experience. Data entry times are decreasing and we recently added a live chat feature for agents to ask questions as they complete their profile. You can now benchmark your performance against your own Year over Year (YOY), those agencies in your region, state and fastest growing. We are working on a few additional enhancements, so please stay tuned as we roll them out!

We also have the ability to create a unique code for agents to use to purchase the report FOR FREE through their carrier partner! If you are a carrier partner interested in partnering with the OIA to help your agencies grow their business and compete strategically, contact us today! If you’re an agency owner and interested in obtaining a RISE Report, be sure to check with your carrier partner and see if they’re willing to co-op with OIA!

We are grateful for Central, Selective & Westfield’s commitment to improving the health of the IA channel. We’d love for you to join us on this journey to improving the health & profitability of the IA channel.

Here’s what different people in the industry have to say about the RISE Report:

  • “Regardless of where an agency is on their journey, a RISE report is a powerful tool for agencies to embrace data/analytics through the lens of benchmarking against a comparably sized agencies.” – Chris Cline, Westfield
  • “The RISE report provided valuable insight into our business. The Carrier Influence section in particular allowed us to more confidently share feedback with carriers, once we learned how important our business is to specific carriers’ Ohio volume.” – Brent Soller, Soller Insurance
  • “The trusted advisor for the trusted advisor. Carey and her team are abundantly helpful and knowledgeable. The expertise is invaluable. Data is just numbers until they are put to use. The OIA team knows HOW to best use the unique data they compile to benefit the independent insurance agent. Guiding agents to educated business decisions helps the industry succeed so we can better serve our communities. Thank you for all that you do to make us successful.” – Agent Member
  • “As an independent agency owner we know that relationships are everything. It is incredibly valuable to gain insights and advice from people that have taken the time to understand my business and care about our success. Carey and her team took the time to understand our agency, our unique needs, and worked with us to build a flexible compensation solution that best serves our needs. Having this expertise to help guide us has been incredibly valuable. You won’t find another organization that cares more about your agency’s success!” – Agency Member”.
*If you are an agent who is interested in getting a RISE report, please reach out to the OIA. Having a RISE report funded by a carrier is completely at the carrier’s discretion.

Ready to get started? Check out our website or contact Megan Smith at (614) 552-3064 or to learn more.


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