IACON17 Speaker Bobby Reagan, Perpetuation ‘Worst Practices’

Bobby Reagan promo IACON17

Avoid "worst practices" in agency perpetuation! IACON17 speaker Bobby Reagan will be sharing secrets from the highest-performing agencies so you can get the most value from your agency.

With 30-plus years of insurance industry experience and creation of the IIABA Best Practices Study, Bobby is a true authority in the space. He’ll provide insights into preparing to perpetuate, maintaining perpetuation options for your firm, and increasing the value of your agency to all buyers.

You’ll also learn about Reagan’s Private Ownership Study, including why today’s environment is making internal perpetuation more challenging than ever and how you can set up a plan for successful internal perpetuation.

If you’re selling – or thinking about selling – your agency, you don’t want to miss Bobby’s presentation at IACON17, Oct. 19-20, in downtown Columbus!


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