OIA To Sell All Equity In Indium

OIA and MarketSource/Indium have been working together to bring market access to agents since the founding of MarketSource/Indium in 2004. OIA’s volunteer leaders (then PIA) worked to create a market access platform as a member benefit to address the market access challenges and needs of our members and independent agent community.

In 2018, we purchased a majority stake in Indium to provide them a temporary bridge while Indium continued to transition and evolve their business model. We are now transitioning out of the ownership of the organization. The OIA owns 47% of Indium and we are selling all our equity in the company to one or more buyers in the next two months.

What this means for OIA members 

Those members using Indium may continue to utilize Indium’s services under Indium’s terms and conditions. OIA members will also continue to get the member benefit access to Big I Markets which is available through our National Big I affiliation. In addition, there are many other market access, brokers and network solutions for agents, more information on those options may be found on our company partners page.

For those interested in purchasing our equity, please complete this form by February 28. Please contact Jeff Smith at jeff@ohioinsuranceagents.com or (614)552-3056 if you have any questions about this process.

Complete Form 


This article was published by Jeff Smith and the OIA Board of Directors

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