Q&A with Next-Gen Agent Seth Marana, Ramsburg Insurance

Seth Marana headshotAs the future leaders of the independent agency channel, next-gen agents are a powerful force. They are young, energetic and passionate about making a difference for their clients and members of their community.

IA Revolution caught up with Seth Marana, independent agent at Ramsburg Insurance & Financial Services in Uniontown, to learn about the opportunities and challenges of being a next-gen agent, and what inspires him as a young professional in our industry.

IA Revolution: Why did you choose a career path in the independent agency channel?

Seth Marana: As a graduate of Kent State University, I knew great things were ahead of me. Honestly, I had never considered an insurance path until shortly before I joined the Ramsburg team in May 2017. I saw an opportunity to impact individuals and families at a level that most other paths I considered failed to offer.

IA Revolution: What do you love most about being an independent agent?

SM: My focus within my career is the facilitation of other’s growth and success. I have a strong passion for business, but an equally burning desire to aid people in meeting their goals in life. I’m passionate about my role with Ramsburg Insurance because it gives me the opportunity to impact individuals and families at an inmost level.

IA Revolution: What’s the biggest challenge of being a next-gen agent in our industry?

?SM: The biggest challenge I see in front of me is the ability to gain the trust of individuals who are older than me. To become someone’s trusted advisor, generally speaking, consumers want to see age, experience and expertise.Seth Marana sitting at office desk

My goal is to show the generations before me that I may be young, but I’m extremely capable of providing a thorough, professional and trusted approach to their insurance needs.

IA Revolution: Talk about your greatest opportunity as a next-gen agent.

SM: The greatest opportunity I see is the ability to influence the way we, as an agency, do insurance today. There are a lot of core values that need to remain in order to be successful, but we may need to reevaluate our approach in the future.

The millennial mindset is forcing us, as independent agents, to reconsider how we market, present and hopefully sell insurance. Being in my late twenties allows me to connect and understand how this age group wants to receive our product.

It’s been highly rewarding to be a part of a team that works to identify the trends and strategies aimed at this mindset. As an agency, we are focused on attracting one of the most brand loyal, research-savvy and fast-paced generations.

IA Revolution: How do you spend your free time outside the agency?

SM: When I’m not quoting home and auto premiums, I enjoy spending my time mountain biking, cycling, roasting coffee or traveling around the country with my wife, Maria.

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