How OIA Can Help You Value and Perpetuate Your Agency


When Seth Zaremba of Zinc Insurance and Michael Davis of Michael L Davis Insurance met, they new they had similar interests in the insurance industry. Utilization of Indium market access, an interest in motorsports, and they conveniently live down the street from each other — this match was meant to be!

When Davis decided he was ready to retire, he didn't have an internal perpetuation plan. That's when the opportunity came along for Zaremba purchase Davis' agency. 

"I think agents start at the wrong place in this conversation" says Zaremba. "Working with the OIA, I was aware of their valuation efforts so I suggested we get an objective third-party to inform us on this decision." 

"The process was very easy" states Davis. "I put together a large amount of information…which I would expect to put out for a valuable and accurate valuation. OIA was very quick to ask questions, put together the paperwork, and return a nice report." 

OIA gave Zaremba and Davis the tools they needed to provide an unbiased guidance and make an informed business decisions. Our Full Valuation Services are available for those who are considering perpetuating internally, selling their agency to a third party, or even purchasing another. 

Davis got his valuation at the right time for him so he could easily transition Michael L Davis Insurance to Zinc Insurance with no issues and no rush — don't wait until it's too late for your agency! 

Check out the video above for the full testimonial!


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