OIA Has the Resources You Need for Perpetuation Planning

The OIA launched business planning and valuation practice in early 2018 to fill a void in the marketplace. We recognized that many of our agencies were not seeking valuation services that were available in the marketplace due to cost, complexity or availability. Although the needs of our members are the same as the largest agencies in the country, many agencies were being sold and transitioned without a valuation.  We want every agency to have the information needed to make the best and most informed decision for what is most likely their largest asset and life’s work.  We know that our agents care deeply about their customers, staff, community and family and we want to provide them with everything they need to protect and plan for the future of those they care about the most.

In addition to introducing our agency fair market valuation services, priced for our constituency, we also started a business planning and consulting practice. Instead of just providing agencies with their fair market range of value, our consulting team is prepared to help agents determine their next steps based on their specific goals, situation and priorities using the information and insights captured in the valuation report.  We are prepared to work with agents every step of the way through their transition whether it is and internal or external sale.

In our consulting engagements, OIA works with agencies to understand their wishes and to determine what their viable options are based upon their priorities, structure, timeframe, financial position, and perpetuation candidate pool. Our financial modeling enables agency principals to better understand their options based on our thorough analysis. Additionally, our consulting practice helps agencies with planning the transition of leadership, client relationships, books of business, agency stock and creating documented perpetuation plan.  We work with agencies every step of the way to ensure that they are best positioned throughout their transition and for the future.

In order to meet the varied needs of our agents, OIA has vetted and retained the services of professionals with expertise beyond our own, to ensure the mechanics of any agency transition.


If you are looking for external financing to enable the perpetuation of your agency, OIA can introduce you to several lending options. And, while you might have a great relationship with your local bank, our lending resources lend specifically to insurance agencies and understand the unique nature of the business. They can also serve as a “second look” service if you want assurance that your bank is giving you a good deal.

Accounting / Tax

Due to the tax implications to both buyer and seller, OIA works with accounting professionals that work specifically with insurance agency transactions. They know the current tax law and can provide advice on corporate structure and detail the tax impacts that we incorporate into our models.


Although the OIA consulting team will help you create a draft buy-sell agreement, our attorney partners can ensure that every detail is covered. They are also available to help with items such as producer/solicitor agreements, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements, and estate planning.

OIA values its members and works to maintain the health of the independent channel. Our consulting practice and partnerships enable us to offer a one stop consulting solution for our agencies.


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