Data Shows Great News for Ohio’s Home and Auto Insurance Rates

The Ohio Department of Insurance recently released data showing estimated rate changes for the top 10 homeowners and auto insurers in 2018. The data shows that Ohio continues its trend of having some of the best rates in country, with homeowners rates continuing to remain stable and auto rates continuing to increase, but only slightly. 

Homeowners Rates Continue to Remain Stable 

Recently released data from the Ohio Department of Insurance shows that estimated rate changes among the top 10 homeowners insurers for 2018 ranged from -3.4 percent to 5.2 percent. When averaged, the overall rate changes were negligible as they averaged zero percent.

Of the ten insurers that make up close to 75 percent of the market in Ohio, two insurers decreased rates, one kept rates flat, and seven increased rates. Of the insurers that increased rates, five took larger rate increases in 2018 than in 2017, with the exception of Nationwide and Grange Insurance.

The largest rate reduction was a 3.4 percent decrease by State Farm.  The largest increase of all 10 insurers was a 5.2 percent increase by Cincinnati Insurance Company.

Ohio continues to boast the ninth lowest homeowner's rates in the country, with an average annual premium of $850.

Auto Rates Continue to Increase, But Only slightly

It is estimated that the ten largest auto insurers increased their rates an average of 0.5 percent in 2018 – a lower average increase than the average rate change of 3.9 percent in 2017.

Rate changes in 2018 ranged from a rate reduction of 4.8 percent by State Farm to an increase by Nationwide of 9 percent. Of the 10 insurers that make up 77.5 percent of the market in Ohio, two insurers decreased rates, two kept rates flat, and six increased rates. Notably, only four of the 10 auto insurers took bigger rate increases in 2018 than they did in 2017.

Ohio’s auto insurance premiums average $727, which is the 14th lowest in the country.

Bottom line 

Ohio’s combined average premiums for home and auto are $551 below the national averages.

Remind your clients that Ohio has a long history of enjoying some of the best rates in the country and continues to do so as a result of our competitive insurance marketplace which only exists because of our stable regulatory, legislative and judicial environments.

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Indianapolis – Julie Hawkins, Emily Marker, and Sonyia Townsend have been promoted to Vice Presidents at Arlington/Roe according to James A. Roe, president and CEO of the company, an independent family owned managing general agency and wholesale insurance broker. Hawkins, Marker and Townsend joined the company in 2013, 2015 and 2008, respectively.

Julie Hawkins was named Vice President, Casualty Practice Leader.

She began her Arlington/Roe career in 2013 as a senior broker. Her prior experience includes work for insurance companies as a multiline broker, reinsurance broker and commercial underwriter. She has also worked for large brokerage firms.

Emily Marker, INS, AINS, was named Vice President, Property Practice Leader.

She most recently served as a property broker after joining the Arlington/Roe brokerage team in 2015. She has been in the insurance industry since 2001, gathering experience at an insurance company as well as at a large wholesale broker, with a focus on property and inland marine. Emily holds designations in General Insurance (INS) and Associate in General Insurance (AINS).

Sonyia Townsend was named Vice President Professional Liability, Practice Leader.

She joined Arlington/Roe in 2008. Before moving to Indianapolis, she worked for recreational vehicle manufacturers in warranty and human resource departments. Sonyia has a degree from Lipscomb University and is working toward her Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation.

About Arlington/Roe 

Arlington/Roe is a family-owned managing general agency and wholesale insurance brokerage headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with offices also in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Arlington/Roe was founded in 1964. Arlington/Roe’s specialty departments include Aviation, Bonds, Farm, Personal Lines, Commercial Lines (Underwriting and Brokerage), Transportation and Garage, Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Healthcare & Human Services. The company writes in excess of $220 million in annual premium. 

IACON19 Wrap-Up

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